7 walking routes through the Schoorl dunes

If you like walking, there is no better place than the Schoorl dunes. With more than 60 km of hiking trails through this beautiful nature, you will never get bored. To avoid getting lost, an overview of a number of walking routes. Enjoy the peace, space and beautiful views. 

Yellow: Family Route – 4.4 kilometers

Walk through the Schoorlse Duinen and the center of Schoorl. From the outdoor center follow the yellow route. The route runs through the dunes and through the village, where you walk along the road for a while.


Black: Walking route Soot route – 5 kilometers

Walk through the part of the Schoorlse Duinen where a wildfire raged a few years ago and nature is slowly recovering. Follow the black soot route from the outdoor center, which can be recognized by the black arrow with soot route in it.


Dark blue: Forester's path North Sea walk – 10 kilometers

Sea, dunes, forest and heath; the North Sea walk treats you to everything that the Schoorl nature has to offer. And from the highest dune in the Netherlands you have a beautiful view of all this beauty.


Purple: Dune Heath walking route – 11 kilometers

Walk through the Schoorl dunes. This route goes along the most beautiful moors of the dune area. Follow the purple route from the outdoor center. 


Green: Hiking trails Tree Planter Tour – 12 kilometers

Walk through the Schoorl dunes. This route goes through the oldest forests of the dune area. Follow the green route from the outdoor center.


White: Boswachterspad Stuifduinentocht – 17 kilometers

The wind in your hair, drifting sand under your feet and an environment where nature has free rein. During the drifting dune tour through the Schoorlse Duinen in North Holland you will experience nature and all its elements. Discover the white dunes and see sand, wind and water play with the area.


Red: Walking route Dune top tour: 23 kilometers

Walk through the Schoorl dunes. This route goes over the highest row of dunes in the dune area. Follow the red route from the outdoor center.

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