On an adventure in the dunes with children

There is no larger playground than the Schoorl dunes. You will never be bored in the Schoorl dunes. There is always something to do. You can come here in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season has its own charms and activities. Another nice touch, it's free!

An adventure at the bird lake

The large bird lake is a 10-minute bike ride (can also be reached on foot). A beautiful nature reserve where you can relax for a while. Put your feet in the water or look for tadpoles, salamanders and crickets. Spot the cows or enjoy the sounds of nature during a picnic around the bird lake. It's beautiful here! 


Collect everything for the autumn table

Get lost in the woods for hours looking for everything that has to do with autumn. Bring a large backpack and collect. Look for the most beautiful leaves, the largest chestnuts or smallest pine cones. Nice to make an autumn table at home or to make a beautiful autumn piece of art. 


Discover the animal kingdom

In the forest are the wild animals. From the smallest animals such as ants, frogs, toads, lizards, butterflies to the slightly larger animals such as squirrels, birds, owls and so much more. And with a bit of luck you could also spot foxes and cows. Discover as many animals as possible while you walk through the forest. 


Ice skating on the bird lake

A unique experience that should not be skipped in winter. When the temperature reaches the freezing point, the bird lake turns into a large ice skating rink. In the middle of the Schoorl dunes, where you can still look for tadpoles in the summer and sit with your feet in the water, you can put on your skates in the winter. Not only a great experience for children, but also for adults. And that only ten minutes by bike from here. Tip: don't forget the thermos with hot chocolate!! (or Glühwein for the adults).


Did you know that there are also elves?

Come to the Schoorlse Duinen with your children to visit the elves. Because they live here too. They like to play with the animals in the dunes: for example, the elf Fier likes to play with the ant. The elves are rarely seen, but on the route through the play forest you will find the doors behind which they live. The Elfendeurtjesroute starts at Buitencentrum Schoorlse Duinen. There is a bag waiting for you with - yes - a real magic wand. You go with that. Each elf door has an assignment for the children. After each assignment you can cast a spell, and take the animal that comes with it. Finally, the children celebrate the festival of the seasons together with the animals. You can take the magnifying glass home with you afterwards.
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